Partners & Clients

Surety Markets

We view each of our surety markets as a business partner.  We value these relationships deeply.  We currently work with surety companies that are all rated “Excellent” (or better) by A.M. Best Company and are approved by the U.S. Department of the Treasury for bonding federal obligations (“T-Listed”). Our relationships are with both standard and specialty surety markets.

Our relationships transcend all layers of the surety company from office assistant to the Chief Executive Officer.  We have strong relationships with the President of each market and can call any of them on a moment’s notice.  Each of our surety market partners offers a certain niche for our clients and our network of surety markets allows us to provide a deep and wide range of options - therefore meeting the capacity needs for all sizes and all classes of bonds. 

Insurance Agents

Our primary source of business is from insurance agents.  We act as surety broker for insurance agents – offering complementary, not competitive services.  If your insurance agency does not have the expertise or staff to focus on and handle the surety needs of your clients, we can assist you.  Our goal is for you to maintain your current customer relationship while we provide the bonding expertise.

We view ourselves as the insurance agent’s “back office” for bonding.

Surety Advisors allows you to offer another product line to your clients, without investing in the overhead of surety personnel or a surety department. We protect your relationship with your client – by offering surety.  This prevents your client from looking elsewhere for their surety insurance. 

Our only focus is surety. We do not write other classes of insurance business - and therefore we offer complimentary services, not competitive ones to our appointed insurance sub-producers.